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Our story began in 1890 when St. Martin’s started a new school at the corner of West King and Minnesota Streets. Before long, worship services were held in one of the classrooms. In 1920 St. Matthew’s was officially organized to share the gospel with families living west of Huff St. Five years later we dedicated our new building, built at a cost of $50,000.

Even during these early years, Christian education was important to our congregation as we worked closely with St. Martin’s school. We also were concerned about sharing our Savior with our community. In 1950 we purchased a building in Goodview to start a Sunday School. This mission effort would eventually grow into Trinity Lutheran Church. In 1955, St. Matthew’s started its own school in the church basement while the building was being finished. Eventually, in 1956 our school was able to move into its own building.

Our shared ministries with St. Martin’s came to an end in 1961. Despite this setback, our congregation continued to carry one the work of sharing Christ in Winona. Built on this foundation, we face the future. Like those who went before us, we celebrate that the Good News of Jesus has the power to change lives. We still operate a school to assist parents in sharing the gospel with their children. We still gather around this gospel for regular worship so that our faith may be strengthened. And, we still eagerly share these blessings with our community.