St. Matthew's Kindergarten


Pre-K Teachers

Karen Rossin

I was Called to St. Matthew’s to be the 3rd grade teacher.

After three years, I began the “Extended Learning Program” at St. Matthew’s.

(It was our own in-house remedial and gifted program.)

After three years of running that program, the faculty shifted and I was Called to teach in the 2nd grade classroom.

After six years of teaching second grade, I was Called to be the Pre-K teacher …

and have been sitting criss-cross applesauce ever since!!

I am married to Tom and have two boys, Christian and Caleb!!

My favorite pastimes would be spending time with family or spending time with a book!!!!

Always remember  —

Jesus loves you and so do I!!

Volunteers and Aides

Those serving in this position work under the supervision and in coordination with the classroom teacher.

  • They assist so that the teacher is able to completely and efficiently fulfill her teaching responsibilities
  • They assist the teacher in making the classroom a safe and fun learning environment


  • Superior student/teacher ratios
  • Rich inter-generational interactions
  • Unique personal connections day-by-day
  • The opportunity to serve the Lord, by those giving of their time

College Connection

Typically each semester, students from Winona State University and students from Minnesota State College Southeast join the Pre-K classroom at St. Matthew’s. They are in the classroom as a part of their early childhood curriculum requirement for field/lab experience.

As the semester progresses, their emerging work with the children (and in the classroom) develops into teaching opportunities and lesson presentations with the students.

Welcome future early childhood educators!!

Winona State University
Minnesota State College Southeast Tech

If you cannot speak like angels, if you cannot preach like Paul,
You can tell the love of Jesus; you can say he died for all.
If you cannot rouse the wicked with the Judgement’s dread alarms,
You can lead the little children to the Savior’s waiting arms.

Christian Worship
Lutheran Hymnal
Hymn 573 stanza 2