St. Matthew's Kindergarten

5 School Days Per Week

5 School Days Per Week


  • Yearly Rate: $2,700
  • Registration Fee: $50 yearly
  • Class Hours: 9:00am – 11:30am
  • Ages Served: Mixed threes and fours
  • Maximum Enrollment: 15 students per class

Provides a five consecutive-day structure for the students. Activities used will be at the developmental stage of each student and will use a variety of the child’s senses in helping them to discover God’s world around them.

Examples of Experiences

  • Bible Time
    • Children listen to and participate in Bible lessons
  • Play
    • Children play cooperatively in a variety of imaginative situations
  • Creative Arts
    • Children sing, dance, participate in dramatic play, and express themselves through artistic creations
  • Physical Development
    • Children develop large motor and fine motor coordination through experiences enabled by the teacher
  • Language/Literacy
    • Children grow from their own developmental stage to new stages of communication and reading readiness
  • Social Development
    • Children are busy active learners, becoming aware of interpersonal connections
  • Emotional Development
    • Children broaden their sense of feeling, discovering confidence with self and compassion for others


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