St. Matthew's Kindergarten

3 School Days Per Week

3 School Days Per Week

Mon / Wed / Fri

  • Yearly Rate: $1,620
  • Registration Fee: $50 yearly
  • Class Hours: 9:00am – 11:30am
  • Ages Served: Four years old by Sept. 1
  • Maximum Enrollment: 15 students per class

Creativity, curiosity, and imagination are fostered as students participate in active, hands-on learning experiences. Kindergarten readiness is explored to establish the valuable groundwork for formal learning.

Examples of Experiences

  • Bible Time
    • Children listen to and participate in Bible lessons
  • Play
    • Children act out their own play themes, pretending and working cooperatively
  • Creative Arts
    • Children create unique artwork and express themselves through music
  • Physical Development
    • Children increase their hand-eye coordination and balance through planned group experiences
  • Language/Literacy
    • Children learn concepts of print, retell stories, and learn about letters in the context of stories and everyday experiences
  • Social Development
    • Children learn to problem solve with others and form friendships with peers
  • Emotional Development
    • Children practice self-help skills and self-regulation to gain emotional maturity
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