St. Matthew's School

Welcome to Our K-8 School Family

Using God’s Word as our guide, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Elementary School will raise up future generations of Christians in our community by assisting parents in the Christian teaching of their children and by striving for excellence in all areas of instruction.

Welcome to St. Matthew’s Lutheran School! Here dedicated, experienced faculty members work in cooperation with parents to create a safe, caring environment in which all students develop skills that prepare them for continued spiritual, academic, and physical growth. The Christ-centered curriculum of St. Matthew’s puts special emphasis on the formal study of God’s Word; however, we welcome all students which is why our curriculum also includes all secular academic disciplines.

Most importantly, the Christian education at St. Matthew’s focuses on the children’s most vital need: it prepares them for eternal life in heaven (2 Timothy 3:15).

While visiting our site we hope you feel a strong sense of St. Matthew’s warmth, highly qualified and dedicated faculty, exceptionally strong home/school partnership, high standards of academic excellence and hard-working, enthusiastic students. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and provide a tour of our facility. Parents are welcome to sit in on classroom time and we encourage prospective new students to spend a day with us and meet with passionate faculty and friendly students who help make St. Matthew’s the best we can be.

Get to know the WELS private School System:

  • St. Matthew’s is among a long list of private schools operating under the fourth largest private school system in America. For over 150 years, The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) has been dedicated to providing an academic system that promotes physical, spiritual and academic success. Over 500 schools across the country are currently operated by WELS churches and associations, with many more in the Caribbean and other parts of the world.
  • The success from the Wisconsin Synod stems from the passionate, highly qualified instructors that are trained by WELS, a tradition that stems back to 1884. It has been proven that students who learn under the WELS education on average outperform their peers on national achievement tests. We place our thanks to God for his love of our students and our school.