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Scrip Program

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Scrip is a special program that allows you, as a consumer, to raise funds for St. Matthew’s School while you shop.

Participating in the Scrip program is relatively simple, although it does require some planning on your part. Simply purchase a gift card to use at an area business or an online retailer and then use that gift card on your next purchase. You can almost think of it as a prepaid credit card, only better.

Unlike a prepaid credit card, there are no additional charges or fees. If you purchase a $50.00 Scrip card, you get to spend the full $50.00 on your next purchase, or you can spend some of that money now and save the rest for a later purchase. The best part about Scrip is that a certain percentage of each dollar you spend is donated to the school.

For example:
You purchase a $50.00 Scrip card (or gift card) for Kwik Trip to pay for your next tank of gas. Kwik Trip currently gives back 10% of every dollar spent using the Scrip card, so that means that the school earns $5.00 and you get to spend the full $50.00 with no additional cost.

While $5.00 does not seem like a lot of money, it adds up fast. If you purchase one Scrip card for gas every week for a year, that $5.00 per week adds up to $260 in a year. Image how much you could earn for the school if you purchased scrip cards for all of your shopping.

In early 2012, the school implemented a new program. A parent or grandparent can now designate half of the money donated to the school toward a child’s tuition for the next school year. With this new addition to the Scrip program, half of the $260.00 ($130.00) will go towards your child’s tuition next year.

Last year, St. Matthew’s School was able to spend almost $6,000 of Scrip profits to help our school purchase items that improve learning. Some of these purchases included:

  • Textbooks for grades 5 and 6
  • Christ Light materials for grades 3 and 4
  • A contribution toward the testing program done at our school
  • 2 new air conditioners for  classrooms
  • $1,000.00 toward the purchase of new Smart Boards
  • A new PA system for the school

Scrip cards can be purchased after worship services from the Scrip ladies at the back of the church. They can also be purchased at the school office Monday through Friday.

Scrip cards can be purchased for a wide variety of retail and online stores. Use them on your next purchase or give a Scrip card as a gift. Scrip cards can be purchased for groceries, restaurants, entertainment, retail stores, online stores, hotels, and many other businesses.

We have many Scrip cards available in stock, and many more that can be ordered. Below you will find two PDF documents. The first document is a complete list of Scrip cards that are available for stores in the La Crosse/Winona area. Some we have in stock, others will need to be ordered. The second document is a list of Scrip cards that are in stock and can be picked up after worship services or at the school office during school hours. Click “download” to open either of these documents.