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Worship Schedule

Our worship services are held at 6 pm on Saturday evenings, 9 am Sunday mornings.

Children's Church is held on the first and third Sundays, during our 9 am worship service. Please check our News & Events page for special worship service times and events.

We invite you to join us for Bible Class at 10:15 am on Sunday mornings. Bible Class is held in the church basement.

Sunday School is held at 10:15 Sunday mornings (Sept - May). Sunday School is open to all children in PreK - 7th grade. Classes are held in various classrooms in the school.

Radio/TV Broadcast Schedule

If you are unable to worship with us in person, you have several opportunities to listen or watch our worship services.

Listen to us on the radio every Sunday morning at 11 am on KAGE AM 1380.

Watch us on HBC channel 20 on Sunday morning at 9 am, or Wednesday evening at 7 pm.

Watch us on Charter channel 986 on Sunday evening at 7 pm, or Tuesday evening at 7 pm.

You can also watch our services online by clicking on the Online Worship Services link on the home page.

About our worship services

Worship is a conversation with God. We speak to God through prayers and songs and God speaks to us through scripture readings and a sermon based on God's Word.

Anyone is welcome at our worship services and they are free of charge. We use a liturgy or 'program' that is printed out in the front of our hymnal or what you might call a songbook. The pastor usually announces where we are at various times during the worship service so it's easy to follow along.

We have a contemporary worship service the first Saturday of each month. Our contemporary service uses guitars, electric piano and drums for music rather than the pipe organ and the songs are more modern. The order of service is usually projected on a screen at the front of the church so it is easier to follow along.