Holy Week Worship Schedule  

Maundy Thursday:
10 am & 6 pm

Good Friday:
1:30 pm & 6 pm

Easter Sunday:
8 am & 10:30 am


Reasons why people don't go to church  

Harsh Words, Yet Loving Words  



Upcoming Events at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Sunday, April 13th (Palm Sunday)
Monday, April 14th
  • Women's Bible Circle @ 1:30 pm
  • Faculty meeting @ 2:35 pm
  • Finance #2 @ 5 pm
  • Worship committee @ 6:30 pm
​​Tuesday, April 15th
  • Sauer Home Service @ 11 am
  • Handbells @ 6 pm
  • Senior Choir @ 7 pm
  • Worship service broadcast on Charter (ch 6) @ 7 pm
Wednesday, April 16th
  • School Chapel @ 7:55 am
  • No Catechism Class
  • Board of Christian Education @ 6 pm
  • Worship service broadcast on HBC (ch 20) @ 7 pm
Thursday, April 17th (Maundy Thursday)
  • Worship/Communion @ 10 am
  • Worship/Communion @ 6 pm
  • Contemporary Rehearsal @ 7 pm
Friday, April 18th (Good Friday)
  • No Men's Bible Breakfast
  • Good Friday Mid-Day Meditation @ 1:30 pm
  • Good Friday Worship @ 6 pm
Saturday, April 19th
  • Worship @ 6 pm 
Sunday, April 20th (Easter Sunday)
  • Contemporary Easter Worship @ 8 am
  • Easter Breakfast from 9 am - 10:30 am
  • Traditional Easter Worship @ 10:30 am
  • Worship Service Radio Broadcast on KAGE (AM 1380) @ 11 am
  • Home Bible Study at Urbanek's @ 6 pm
  • No Financial Peace University Class
  • Worship Service on Charter (ch 6) @ 7 pm

Have a church related event or calendar item you would like to share? Please share it with us 
Have you ever wondered if there are any absolutes in the world we live in? It seems that just when you have something figured out, it changes. The world isn't perfect and neither are we, but there is one absolute that we can count on and that is God's Word.
Most people know know there is a God but it is the Bible - God's Word - that tells us who that God is and what he has done for us. As we consider just how imperfect this world is and how we often fall short, God's Word tells us about Jesus. Jesus is God's Son and he came into this world to live a perfect life for us and then paid for all the times we fail, by suffering on the cross.
God comes to us in His Word to create faith in our hearts so that we can trust and believe in Jesus as our Savior. That is what God's Word is all about and that is the center of our preaching and teaching at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church.
We believe all of God's Word - from Genesis to Revelation - is true and that the Holy Spirit inspired the writers what to write and when to write it so that there are no errors or contradictions in the Bible.
We believe that a person goes to heaven by faith alone in Christ Jesus alone.
There are many other commands that God has for us in his Word about his will for our lives. Contact Pastor Paul Welke or Jon Woldt, Minister of Christian Education, if you are interested in learning more or attending one of our Bible Information Classes that looks at the basic doctrines contained in the Bible.

We always welcome visitors and guests to our worship services and to our activities. If you wish to visit us but you are not sure what to expect, check out our FAQ: What to Expect When Visiting Us.

About St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is affiliated with and supports the mission work of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). We are located in the heart of beautiful Winona, MN, at 766 West Wabasha Street (7th St)

We offer something that everyone needs: The free and full forgiveness of sins. This 'Good News' comes from the Bible -  God's Word - and is at the heart of our message and our mission.   St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is a place for worship, fellowship,   and spiritual growth. Our ministries, groups, and special events are designed with you in mind. We invite you to come and get to know us.
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Learn who Jesus is and what great thing He has done for us. 

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It's About Faith is a blog from St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

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